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Hi there,

In this community, there are young 'uns who are into art, writing, design, editing, or are just concerned with the plague of violence against women, especially young women, in the United States, where more than three out of four women will become a victim of sexual violence at some point in their lives. I thought I'd post two projects I'm pulling together related to VAW and the arts, since I could use all the help, energy, and creativity you have to offer to pull both off!

Let me introduce myself. I'm Elisabeth Wilhelm, a 20-year-old youth advocate, rabid feminist, and freelance writer, published over 120 times online and in print. I've put together youth newspapers as far away as Barcelona and Kuala Lumpur and am a columnist for Voice of Youth Advocates magazine. I've edited for Moondance.org, an award-winning women's ezine, interned for Girl Scouts of America (yes, you can giggle), and in my spare time, bellydance will cool chicas at Pratt, where I'm a writing major.

In support of November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, a UNIFEM campaign, I'm launching two projects:

Literary Magazine, named Unlaced

A young women's e-lit mag dedicated to celebrating the power of the human spirit, particularly women who have done great things and those who will do g reat things. Special attention will be paid to publishing women-positive pieces, as well as combining statistics and factual information about VAW. The magazine will also include a toolkit, with an activist emphasis. We're open to publishing anyone under 25, male, female, or other.

Unlaced Writing Class

A girl-positive online writing workshop given to a group of fifteen young women co-taught by Elisabeth Wilhelm and a co-instructor, lasting four weeks and covering women's history, education on violence against women, and writing in a variety of forms and genres, culminating in a piece of writing to be published in the literary magazine.

But I can't pull this off by myself. Right now, I'm looking for writing class participants and lit magazine staff. We also have submission guidelines up! The website URL is http://unlaced.absynthemuse.com

Please pass it on to anyone you think might be interested. If you're interested or have questions, please post below or email me at elisabeth[at]sent[dot]com.

Thanks so much!


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